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It is awesome to see that our kids pray before eating and going to bed!! We appreciate you.

Lynda M.

Parent, 4 year old Student


Loftin Love is an amazing daycare with such wonderful staff members.  My daughter has learned sooooo much in the last year, of which she's been attending LL.  She comes home singing songs like "Jesus Loves Me", "Go Tell it on the Mountain", among many others.  She really knows her Bible verses and loves to recite Genesis 1:1.  I can't imagine sending my children anywhere else and I'm so glad I chose Loftin Love.

Robin H.

Parent, 1 year old and 3 year old Students


Loftin Love is a "gift" from God.  How grateful I am that my Layla asked Jesus into her heart as a result of the love and guidance from Loftin Love.  What a ministry Loftin Love is!!

 To the parents and grandparents alike!!  Thank you!

BTW - Dear God, please have Loftin Love begin expanding to elementary years... soon!!

Jan R. ("Mimi")

Grandparent, 5 year old Student


We love the fact that not only is she learning how to read, write, and count, but she is also learning scriptures, and gospel songs, and dances as well.

Duane & Cynthia J.

Parents, 3 year old Student


We consider ourselves abundantly blessed to have our child attend Loftin Love.  Both academically and spiritually, she has a solid foundation for all that life will bring.  We most certainly thank the entire staff for all they do.  Loftin Love was recommended to me, and I, in turn, recommend it to EVERYONE!!! Thank You.

Paulette S.

Grandmother, 2 year old Student


My grandson was so blessed the day he started at Loftin Love. To me, he is well advanced above the regular Pre-K child in school.  Ms. Timera, you and your staff are the best and I appreciate you all.  Thank you.

Rose C.

Parent, 4 1/2 year old Student


Before my son came to Loftin Love, he was shy and wouldn't say much to others. Now he knows his shapes, colors, numbers, letters and the days of the week.  I'm very pleased of how much he's learned about the Bible as well.  I would definitely recommend Loftin Love to any parent.

Felicia N.

Parent, 3 year old Student


We feel so comfortable dropping our daughter off everyday to a loving environment.  She is spiritually fed and we enjoy listening to the songs and scripture that she learns at school.  Loftin Love is certainly a place that feels like family!

Marcus & Shaiah M.

Parents, 3 year old Student


It has been a pleasure to deal with such kind, caring and respectful women.  She comes home singing church songs.  I was so impressed.  Thanks again to you and your staff for providing such a loving environment.


Parent, 6 year Student and Teen Volunteer






"It is always a pleasure. My child loves it here."


Natasha W.

Sister, 4 year old Student


Since enrolling my daughter in Loftin Love, we've seen drastic improvements in her speech, verbal communication, and social skills.  The environment is always friendly, and I would recommend Loftin Love to any family looking for a caring learning environment for their child.

Jermaine & Chanelle D.

Parents, 2 year old Student



I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing gospel music playing everytime I walk into the center.  The children are learning God is first - LOVE IT. There are many special things about this school, but my favorite is my four year old came home praying The Lord's Prayer, word for word.  She is only four. Amazing.  May God continue to bless this place.

Stacy W.

Grandparent, 4 year old Student



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